What is Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)?

Tweet Bluetooth Low Energy (or Bluetooth LE, Bluetooth Smart, or Bluetooth 4.0+) is the power- and application-friendly version of Bluetooth that was built for the Internet of Things (IoT) devices. You might wonder: How it is possible that a BLE device could work for years on one coin cell battery? What is difference between BLE… Read More »

Location-Based Search and Social networks

This post covers “Location-based search in social networks context”. The idea for this was suggested as a way for somebody to friend people who are near them for a period of time.

Move to Simplicity: Authentication Using “Digits”

The success of one our recent projects depended on how quick authentication for new users was. The aim of our application was to connect users for non-business communication. Because the project was directed at casual consumers, the more simple we could make the sign-up and login procedures, the more users could register, leading to faster acquisition.

Real-Time Management of Millions of devices with Redis caching

For one of our projects we needed to receive, store and display to a UI a large amount of data in realtime. This data is generated by devices located around the world and represented network activity, device location and some other information. Performance was a key key metric for the project. End user should be able to track any device in as close to real time as possible,

Fast and Reliable Hardware Testing with VHD files

For one project we developed and tested software on Windows OS. It is used with coolers, motherboards, keyboards, mice and other hardware and peripheral devices. We use VHD files for testing hardware on Windows.